Pronounce & Understand
French better
Do you want to know how to pronounce French more confidently so that you are better understood when you speak?

Are you ready to practice your listening to better understand what you hear?

You can improve your pronunciation and thus your comprehension whilst staying at home thanks to the French speak online program.

I'm offering this flexible online program which you can complete in your own time and you'll have lifetime access to it.
This course is for you if:

• You are keen on improving your accent when speaking French
• You feel self-conscious about how you sound
• You want to be clearly understood in every interaction
• You want to understand more of what you hear
• You are willing to practice so that you can gain more fluency

What I’m offering is:

• My 25+ years teaching experience to guide you
• A step-by-step method that will see your pronunciation and comprehension progress rapidly
• The ability to go through each lesson and complete the activities at your own pace
• The complete course for you to keep and review whenever you like

So what’s in this 3-month course?

In each lesson: a video lesson, an explanation filled with easy-to-understand examples, an audio file and/or practice activities.

You’ll receive 2 lessons per week for 12 weeks. The first one (part A) is the mini pronunciation lesson and the second one (part B) is the listening/practice lesson.

Each learner will have the option to upgrade to GOLD to get:

   • All the above
   • Two pronunciation review sessions with me (one at the start + one at the end of the course)
   • Access to me for feedback on your speaking practice via Messenger, Whatsapp or text message

Ready to join us today?

Get this full course i.e. 24 easy-to-follow lessons over 12 weeks including all the videos, audio files, simple and effective speaking and listening lessons: 

Devy Baseley
Head teacher &
Founder of French Speak
Le programme de chaque semaine / The weekly program
My dream is that every learner of French becomes a confident speaker so 
I’m on a mission to provide you with all the help you need to 
perfect your accent and improve your listening comprehension. 

Join the FULL course with GOLD upgrade
for extra support – Only $365 AUD 
Join the FULL course – Only $249 AUD